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Four Season Accomodations

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It all Starts with A Great Design

Geodesic domes were conceived by a German engineer in 1925. An American architect and systems theorist, Richard Buckminster Fuller – “Bucky” modernized and popularized them in U.S. in 1951. The U.S. Marine Corps utilized geodesic domes for many purposes.

Helicopter Dome.jpg

A geodesic dome is a sphere-like frame structure that is made up of triangles. The triangles create a framework that is structurally very strong. The design also provides great interior space because it doesn’t need columns or other interior supports. Geodesic domes are the strongest, lightest, and most efficient buildings yet devised.

The structural members between two points in a geodesic dome are called struts. These struts are either in compression or tension when a load is applied to the dome. There are no bending stresses in the struts. This is very similar to a truss, which also uses triangles to form its structure.

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