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Four Season Accomodations

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It all Starts with A Great Design

Geodesic domes were conceived by a German engineer in 1925. An American architect and systems theorist, Richard Buckminster Fuller – “Bucky” modernized and popularized them in U.S. in 1951. The U.S. Marine Corps utilized geodesic domes for many purposes.

Helicopter Dome.jpg

A geodesic dome is a sphere-like frame structure that is made up of triangles. The triangles create a framework that is structurally very strong. The design also provides great interior space because it doesn’t need columns or other interior supports. Geodesic domes are the strongest, lightest, and most efficient buildings yet devised.

The structural members between two points in a geodesic dome are called struts. These struts are either in compression or tension when a load is applied to the dome. There are no bending stresses in the struts. This is very similar to a truss, which also uses triangles to form its structure.

Safety 1st

Safety 1st

For our Restaurant clients:

•We know that SARS-Co-V2 virus is spread via aerosolized respiratory droplets which are the main concern for transmission risk.

•Geodesic domes have a small surface area when compared to regular large tents which makes it easy to air out after every use.

Complete air exchange takes place when the large door and windows are open.

•In addition, HEPA filters are constantly cleaning the air inside making it safe for guests and employees to be in the tent.

•After every meal the domes will be aired out and disinfected with industry leading electrostatic spray disinfectants. This process usually takes 10 minutes and addresses any potential virus or bacteria  particles that landed on any of the surfaces.

•Due to this small surface area of the domes the heaters will warm up guests with radiant heat (same way the sun heats) warming up objects quickly once the doors and windows are closed.

•Total turnaround process is under 30 minutes, allowing you to delight your guests in our domes with completely fresh environment. 

All of this is what differentiates our domes from traditional tents.

What is missing from your outdoor experience today?

Once we have solved for the safety and warmth   concerns, the consensus says – “Atmosphere”. 


    That is where we come in.


We let you focus on what you do best and we take care of the rest.


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